Sophisticated candleholders, stone aromatherapy essence diffusers to create an atmosphere of minimal simplicity and the discreet elegance of natural lifestyle.
Rhe holders are creatded to produce a unique harmony between forms and material, design and essence.
For a perfect home, where you can live in physical, mental and spiritua harmony. Candles and incense have a ritual significance and always accompany the great minds of all ages in their serach of truth.
The delicately scented natural essences stimulate wellbeing. In any environment at home, in the bathroom, in wellness centres, or wherever you desire fragrant vitality.
Ultra nourishing perfumed massage oils for the body. They leave the skin intensely perfumed and soft thanks to selected active ingredients rich in bioactive elements 
Lux Massage: massage candle, made from Shea butter, coconut andalmond oil. They can bepoured onto the body with a warm,smooth massage, plunging you into lightand aroma to quench the skin, meltaway tension and awaken the senses.