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Brazilian Waxing, what is it?
This is a technique conceived in Brazil which is becoming more and more popular worldwide and is now for the first time also available in Italy, with SKIN’S. This full bikini waxing method, generally known in our country as Brazilian-style bikini waxing, is used globally and by all Brazilian women for practical reasons, since they spend 8 months a year at the beach. SKIN’S application system radically revolutions the existing waxing techniques with an effective, non-traumatic and extremely quick treatment. The use of the system on a regular basis extends the period between waxes, ensuring excellent, long-lasting results.  

SKIN’S is an effective waxing system, featuring a complete range of pre and post hair removal products
In order to complete the efficacy of Brazilian waxing using Skin’s waxes, specific pre and post hair removal products have been formulated. 

SKIN’S, the technique of Brazilian waxing 
SKIN’S boasts qualified technical staff
, Providing advanced training on the Brazilian waxing technique, in a simple and detailed fashion. 

SKIN’S Brazilian Waxing DVD /Practical technique DVD 
A complete course on DVD will allow you to perform Brazilian waxing easily and become a true specialist of this technique with unexpected and surprising results. 

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